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Customized Training

Having internal training staff seems to be a thing of the past.  With tight budgets and limited personnel, without training, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for staff to keep up with current and available technologies.  When you work with Baecore Group, we can help you by augmenting staff geared towards training.    Our customized training can cover a full range of needs whether you are implementing a new software or upgrading to a newer release of existing software.

Executive Training

Tailored training for your leadership team is designed to provide individualized attention and maximize convenience.  Our training format is highly customizable based on each individual. 

Let us know what works best for your team and our experienced peronnel can create a structured agenda or provide less formal session to provide a tour of the system functionality relevant to their position and answer questions.


End User Training

Effective end user training can make the difference between just using a system and using it effectively to its full potential.  Baecore Group provides customized, class room style, end user training tailored to fit your organization’s processes and procedures.  Our experienced peronnel can produce training materials to support classroom sessions that are designed around your specific policies and process.


Train the Trainer

Baecore Group can help your “internal experts” gain the confidence and ability to provide your internal training.

Having a select number of subject matter experts with knowledge of their business process and of the system serve as departmental internal experts provides your organization with the best long term method for supporting your system. 


We provide hands on working sessions with your team and a Baecore Group specialist.  In these “study group” style working sessions, your team is guided by a Baecore Group team member.  This type of session can be used in a variety of ways, for example, when implementing a new ERP or software testing the system, practicing new processes in the system or deepening their understanding of how the software works.

These hands on working sessions not only educate your team enabling them to do their job better, but support department independence, cultivates accountability and ownership as subject matter experts.

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