Software Implementation

System Setup & Configuration

When you hire Baecore Group to work with you to setup and configure a new system or an underperforming system you will ensure the technology you’ve implemented is supporting the community. 

Baecore Group’s solution specialists will meet with you and your team to identify how they work and what they need from the system.   With this information we will design a configuration that meets your needs, providing your team with a road map showing them how to get an implemented system that works for them.


Automation & Workflow

Baecore Group can assist you in identifying opportunities to streamline workflow, reduce manual processes, eliminate redundant staff activities, or design a custom solution for your city.  Our proven workflow solutions have resulted in hundreds of hours of staff time saved through a reduction in inefficient or redundant activities.  Let us help you identify and use the automation and workflow available in your system to improve the efficiency of your process.   


Post Live Support

During the implementation of an ERP system or complex software solution an abundance of decisions are made about how to setup and work in the system.  Once the system is being used after go live the configuration and processes will be put into practice.  It is not unusual to find that the setup and process decisions that you anticipated would work “in theory” do not prove to be as smooth or efficient as desired.  Once your team has an opportunity to work in the new system they can evaluate how their process and workflows are operating.  With a post live review Baecore Group can help you collect feedback about what is working, uncover areas where procedures or workflow may not be producing the results desired and identify other aspects of the implementation that may not be working as intended.  Based on our findings we will produce actionable steps you can take to tweak and optimize the new solution.


The implementation of a large software solution can be a complex process and many organizations do not have the technical resources to help close all of the gaps during an ERP or large system implementation.  Baecore can supplement your City’s resources and help ensure that your team works effectively and efficiently.  Our peronnel can provide guidance and direction to your team assisting them to complete the process and system testing necessary to help make your implementation a success.

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