Information Transparency

Data Analytics

With today’s systems available for collecting data and managing business processes electronically across the City, you can tap into that data and turn it into actionable information.  With Baecore’s Data Analytics we work with you to identify your goals and target performance objectives.  Our web based tools can mine the data from your systems and deliver real time insights into your organization.  We can fine tune the analytics engine to help you manage a holistic view of your environment and alert you to trends.



Free up time for yourself and your staff by having the information and reporting when needed, eliminating the need to wait for staff to gather information from multiple sources and compile it into a report.  With our dashboards you can collect all of your information from across all systems and sources.  Baecore’s tools can compile data from disparate sources and bring it together in one place, analyzing and presenting your data in a meaningful way.  Whether you want to compare your information month on month, year on year, identify and review trends or have your data displayed with charting and graphing, Baecore’s dashboards can provide you your information the way you need it.

business metrics

Alerts and Escalations

Alerts and escalations allow you to monitor the information that is important to you. Alerts let you know when a particular threshold or performance indicator is obtained, a service level is missed or a threshold of time for services has been reached (or passed). Escalations will provide reporting to pre-established tiers/levels of management, moving the information and notifications through the organization to different levels of management based on their level of engagement.

Baecore Group’s municipal experts will help you identify the areas that you wish to measure and the metrics to measure those areas.  Such metrics are typically defined to help you manage cost, control budgeting, monitor progress, maintain efficiencies and provide superior customer service. We take the data relevant to calculating the metric and our systems do the calculations and analysis to transform the data into information.

Custom & Complex Report Development

Not every software solution has out of the box reports that meet your City’s needs. Every city has different reports and reporting requirements that are important to them.  Some cities may not have the advanced reporting resources available or those technical resources are stretched thin. Baecore Group will gather the custom reporting requirements to understand your City’s needs, design and create custom reports to meet them or assist by augmenting your IT team.

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