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The City of Wheaton was facing challenges creating their annual permit and inspection compliance report.  Community Development staff spent 40 hours annually, manually researching and creating the report. The report required grouping of information about permits based on specific categories.  Staff spent an average of 30 hours on a manual process categorizing their permit and inspection information and manually tally the number of permits and inspections in each category.  Creating the report was time consuming, requiring 5 hours of staff effort to complete, and had the possibility of inaccuracies resulting from the manual categorization and tally.


As Wheaton was implementing a new ERP system that would include their permitting, plan review, and inspection activities, Baecore Group identified the opportunity to configure the new system to allow for the creation of the complex, multi-level report.  Baecore met with Community Development staff and identified their reporting needs and gathered information about their current processes, challenges, and goals for the new implementation.  Based on the reporting requirements and opportunities for efficiency improvement, Baecore’s consultants designed a solution to meet both objectives.  The configuration allowed Wheaton’s staff to create, not just the annual compliance report, but a number of additional reports the City wanted to create but were unable to.

time savings


  • Identified the requirements for the annual compliance report as well as other reports needed.
  • Designed setup to “flag” a permit as belonging to a particular category and automatically and allow for capture of all information Wheat was previously unable to report on.
  • Established process to align with the setup to ensure simplified and efficient processes
  • Developed reports that allow City staff to generate a complete annual compliance report directly from the system
  • Transferred knowledge to department staff through workshops providing an opportunity and environment to learn and practice

RESULTS – Work Reduced 40 hrs/yr – 1 week of staff time

  • Eliminated 35 hours of staff time on manually categorizing and tallying permit and inspection information
  • Added the ability to provide additional reports City staff wanted but were unable to generate from their previous system
  • Reduced the time from 5 hours to 10 minutes to generate the annual compliance report due to the setup design and custom report creation

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