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It depends...... to identify a software solution or solutions that best fit your organization’s needs and objectives, it is important to have a clear definition of what those needs and objectives are.  The assessment can help you gain this understanding and/or gather information across your organization.   


Whether you have already done a discovery process or you need an assessment to identify needs, objectives and opportunities, Baecore Group can help you step through the process that is best for you.


Most likely you will need some process change.  Hopefully the new solution has improved functionality and automation you will be able to take advantage of and incorporate into your processes.   Changes to existing processes, no matter how big or small, will allow your City to take advantage of opportunities for automation, increased data access, mobility and transparency, as well as improved ways to communicate and interact with your constituents.  

If your processes have existed for a long time, it’s likely that they were designed around old technology.  Even with the existing tools, there are opportunities for improvements.  Process improvements can assist your organization in meeting its goals, whether you are looking to get more done with less resources, improve customer service, or improve staff efficiency.

Your software provider’s project manager is an expert in their software and their perspective is limited to the software itself.  The most successful implementations are approached with a holistic perspective, ensuring that the processes of all departments work within the software, process changes are considered where new functionality provides opportunities for efficiency improvements, and impacts outside of the application are taken into account.  Baecore Group can bring this holistic perspective to your project.

Baecore Group has many ways that we can help you improve customer service.  Through process improvement our personnel can assist you in finding opportunities to reduce customer wait time, improve communication, and give your staff the tools and information they need to provide excellent service to your constituents. 

With our alerts and escalations, Baecore Group can help you set targets for customer service and provide real time notifications when service levels or targets are missed.  We can assist you with customer service by helping you monitor your team’s progress and provide actionable information to stay on track with meeting your service goals.

While the dashboards in your ERP system provide you with useful views of the data in your ERP system, they only show the information in the ERP.  Our dashboards can pull information from across all of your systems so you can see the information in one place. Baecore Group’s dashboards can be tailored to include the specific information you need, the way you need to see it, using specific metrics that we help you define.  We can take your information, analyze and calculate the metrics to provide actionable information.  

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