Efficiency Improvements

Metrics and Measures

Baecore Group’s municipal experts will help you identify the key performance areas that you wish to manage and the metrics to measure and track performance.  These metrics are typically defined to help you manage cost, control budgeting, monitor progress, maintain efficiencies and provide superior customer service. We take the data relevant to obtaining the metric and our systems do the calculations and analysis to transform the data into information.

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Process Reengineering

If you are faced with challenges, but aren’t sure precisely what the issue is, or know how to go about fixing it, Baecore Group can help you define the issues underlying your organization’s challenges and their cause.  We meet with your team to  gathering information about your processes, the challenges your departments face, and the tools and systems your team uses.  With this information, Baecore’s solution specialists will provide recommendations that are consistent with, and incorporate the tools, systems, and resources available in your organization.

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Our personnel are local government specialists. We are dedicated professionals that can bring knowledge, experience, and perspective gained from working exclusively in the public sector across a variety of organizations and throughout all departments.

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